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To the User

The need for and value of a resource book on Albany's waterways was recognised soon after the Albany Waterways Management Authority was established in 1991. However, it was only after the release of the Authority's Management Programme in 1995 that enough information was available to begin progress on this book.

Over the last few years a tremendous amount of work has been done by Water and Rivers Commission officers to make this resource directory a reality. My thanks to all these officers.

It is very much hoped that the resource directory, will be a success; providing information to all those that need it. Whether it is successful however, very much depends on your feedback. If you feel there are gaps in the information provided, too much information in other areas, or feel the information can be better presented in any way, we want to hear from you. It is only with this feedback, from you, the user, that the resource directory can fully realise its potential value.

The production of the resource directory is a new step for AWMA and the Commission, and as with all new products, improvements will be made in response to user needs. As such I would ask that you treat this directory as a working document, which will be subject to regular update and review.

Please provide any comments on the directory to the Commission officers at 5 Bevan Street, (PO Box 525), Albany 6330.

Matt Stephens
Chairman, AWMA
January 1999


This report was produced in collaboration with Albany Waterways Management Authority, the Albany Regional Office and the Catchment and Waterways Management Branch of the Water and Rivers Commission.

Principal contributors include Caroline Seal and Jenny Hart, Water and Rivers Commission. Adam Wolfe of Wolfe and Associates also provided major input to the project.

Compilation and supervision by Luke Pen and Chris Gunby, Water and Rivers Commission

Production coordination by Kathleen Broderick and Jodie Oates, Water and Rivers Commission

Maps prepared by Brett Harrison, Banksia Environmental Mapping Pty Ltd

Text edited by Robert Finlayson, The Room

Designed by Glyn Kernick, PageSetter Design

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Water and Rivers Commission
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The Albany Waterways Resource Book

The Water and Rivers Commission has published the Albany Waterways Resource Book as an introduction to the waterways of the Albany region.

The book describes the waterways environment and its importance. All the things that make up the ecology of the waterways are discussed, as well as the way people use waterways and their foreshores. The book also outlines environmental problems and the things being done to solve them.

The book is designed to be a resource for you, whether you are a school student, a farmer, a member of a community environmental group or have some other interest in the waterways. The waterways are fragile environments. We all need to work together to make sure that they - and ultimately, our - health is ensured.

The book aims to give you a basic understanding of:

Using the resource book

The Resource Book is modular. It consists of different sections presenting general information relevant to waterways in south-western Western Australia and information specific to the Albany environment.

The book contains an overview of relevant subjects rather than high level technical information. The language has been simplified as far as possible. A glossary of terms is provided for easy reference.

The book has been designed to evolve with the waterways environment. It will be regularly reviewed to keep up-to-date with the latest issues.

Further reading

A further reading list of technical information is provided for tertiary students and people with a keen interest in waterways issues. Most of these references are held at offices of the Water and Rivers Commission.