Many activities have been and are currently being carried out to improve the waterways along the south coast. Here are some of them, which hopefully will not just inform, but also inspire and encourage more projects to be started in the future. This index has activities on waterways organised alphabetically within waterway type.

 Activities relating to rivers and creeks
Multiple rivers     Overall assessment of the condition of the south coast waterways
Ecological values of south coast waterways
Water resource assessment
Bremer River     Tributary protection
Bremer River survey
Coramup Creek     Creek protection
Creek protection and paddock drainage
Crooked Creek     Creek rehabilitation
Dalyup River     Re-establishment of floodplain vegetation
Denmark River     Riparian vegetation survey
Gaalgegup Creek     Gaalgegup Creek Protection
Gairdner River     Upper Gairdner River Protection
Gnowangerup Creek     Relief Well - Gnowangerup Spring
Gordon River     Whole Farm Water Management
Riparian vegetation survey
Hay River     Riparian vegetation survey
Water quality monitoring
Jakeal's Creek     Cleveland Creek protection and restoration
Kalgan River     Upper Kalgan restoration and protection
Riparian vegetation survey
Kent River     Floodplain management
Culvert construction
Survey and management recommendations for foreshores of the Upper Kent River
Little River     Dam Overflow Restoration
Riparian vegetation survey
Munglinup River     Local River Action Plan
Oldfield River     Local River Action Plan
Tributary protection
Oldfield River Tributary Protection
Water quality in the Oldfield and Munglinup Rivers - an identikit picture
Ongarup Creek     Protection of the Martaquin and Ongarup Creeks
Phillips River     Walk and survey
Potters Creek     Fighting salinity
Scotsdale Brook     Riparian vegetation surveys
Sleeman River     Protection of the Sleeman River
Takalarup Creek     Revegetation trial
West River     Tributary restoration
Warperup Creek     Warperup Creek Restoration and Protection
Woodenup Creek     Whole Farm Planning Prior to Development
   Activities relating to wetlands and lakes
All wetlands     2008 wetlands survey
Wetlands of the south coast
Beaumont wetlands     Wetlands protection at 'Paningunya'
Whole Farm Water Management
Wetland protection and drainage
Jinjinnup Lake     Jinjinnup Lake Floodplain Management
Minvalara Lake     Minvalara Lake Protection
Un-named wetlands     Denmark Ag College wetland restoration and agroforestry
Freshwater wetland protection
Ephemeral wetland protection #2
Ephemeral wetland protection #3
   Activities relating to estuaries and harbours
King George Sound     Watching seagrass grow
Oyster Harbour     Watching seagrass grow
Princess Royal Harbour     Shellfish and sediments
Watching seagrass grow
Walpole-Nornalup Inlets     Water quality