logo Oldfield Catchment: Local River Action Plan March 2002

Oldfield River In order to help protect the waterways of the Oldfield catchment, the Department of Environment has been working with the Oldfield Landcare Group to develop and implement a Local River Action Plan which aims to protect the creeks, wetlands and the rivers in the catchment. The project is funded through the Natural Heritage Trust, and enables the Department of Environment to work in partnership with the Oldfield Catchment Group to ensure an integrated and coordinated approach towards the management, rehabilitation and conservation of the waterways within the catchment.

River bank The Oldfield and Munglinup Rivers appear to be in very good condition, and this is likely to be due to the wide vegetation buffers, which seem to be protecting the river. Both rivers have their main channels completely fenced, which very few rivers have achieved in the south coast region. The river uniquely consists of a number of interconnected river pools, which provide a habitat for a variety of flora and fauna.

The waterways located higher in the catchment appear to be showing signs of degredation. There is generally little regeneration of native species, evidence of vegetation decline, weeds, erosion, salinity, waterlogging and stock damage. Protecting waterways through fencing has been shown to protect creeklines by allowing native vegetation to regenerate and stopping stock damage. A goal would be to fence the remaining 35% of the remnant vegetation in the catchment. The most important approach to protect waterways within the catchment is to ensure that fencing is coordinated within the area.

River pool The Local River Action Plan will:

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