logo Survey of riparian vegetation:
Gordon River, Kalgan River and Little River
July 1998

A number of rivers have been graded by the Department of Environment based on the condition of sections of foreshore of each river bank. Four categories were used: (A) pristine to slightly disturbed, (B) degraded, (C) erosion prone to eroded, and (D) eroding ditch or weed infested drain; on the basis of weed infestation, soil exposure and erosion. The extent of river bank fencing and revegetation, river valley form, and the general quality of the fringing vegetation were also assessed.

The following maps show a summary of the results for the Gordon (above Frankland), the Kalgan and the Little River (which flows into Wilson Inlet). More detailed maps, showing lot boundries and river bank fencing are available for viewing at the Department of Environment offices in Albany.

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