logo Shellfish and sediments in Princess Royal Harbour March 1999

prh Surveys of shellfish for heavy metals in 1998 showed lead and cadmium results below the ANZFA Food Standards limits, so these levels are not a current health issue. Mercury concentrations over the last few years are stabilising at, or marginally below Food Standards limits.

Results of the 1997 shellfish and sediment studies in Princess Royal Harbour are very encouraging, showing the continued decline of mercury and lead sediment concentrations at former industry effluent discharge sites. The levels were below Food Standard limits and ANZECC environmental guidelines for sediment and shellfish. The 1997 report was a cooperative study between Wesfarmers CSBP Limited, the Albany Waterways Management Authority and Fisheries WA and combined 1997 results with monitoring from previous surveys, to give a historical overview of metal contamination of Princess Royal Harbour.

Subsequent studies will monitor continuing trends. The current results show that the hard work by Wesfarmers CSBP Limited, Department of Environment and Fisheries WA to improve the health of Princess Royal Harbour is really paying off!

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