Limeburners Creek

One site on Limeburners Creek was sampled. An overview of this site is shown on the map above. A photographs is available for the site:



Limeburners Creek is located on the south side of Princess Royal Harbour. The Creek is a small coastal system, only 2 kilometres long, and flows directly into the Harbour. The entire catchment is located within the Torndirrup National Park.

The average annual rainfall across the catchment is 1100mm and the majority of the rainfall occurs over the winter months.

Limeburners Creek is a contributes towards the drinking water supply of Albany. The Limeburners Creek Catchment Area was proclaimed in 1959 under the Country Areas Water Supply Act.

The Limeburners Creek catchment typically consists of an Acacia scrubland.

The Limeburners Creek was sampled in September 2007.


Only fresh water crayfish species Cherax preissii were found in the Creek. No other fish species were recorded. Pictures of the crayfish can be viewed in the gallery.

River foreshore vegetation condition

The section of Limeburners Creek that was sampled was in A grade condition.

Water Quality

Water samples were taken once from each site so while they help describe the water quality at the time of sampling they can not be used to explain the overall condition of the river for the rest of the time.

Limeburners Creek is a fresh water system (0.8 ms/cm) with a neutral pH (7.14 pH). The Creek at the site sampled had a high level of turbidity that was 15.4ntu.

The Creek recorded low levels of both total nitrogen total phosphorus.