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This consists of a number of small to medium sized permanent freshwater lakes and a number of small seasonal swamps, all within 15 kilometres east of Two People's Bay. The lakes are located within or on the edge of remnant bushland and nature reserve. The wetland includes areas of national significance. It is characterised by freshwater conditions, extensive sedgeland habitat, moderate bird numbers and some breeding. Moates Lake supports Western Australia's rarest freshwater fish, Galaxias truttaceus.

In 2005 a project (Our Living Rivers) was set up to collect and analyse data, enabling the Department of Water to monitor the health of the river over time and help determine what systems need better protection. In spring 2006 and 2007 samples were taken from the river system to assess the quality of the water and habitat as well as the presence of fish and macroinvertebrates. Two sites were sampled on the Goodga River, which flows into Moates Lake and then onto Gardner Lake before eventually flowing into Two Peoples Bay.

Further Information:

South Coast Regional Land and Water Care Strategy: The Albany Hinterland Sub-region. Prepared by: the South Coast Regional Assessment Panel and the South Coast Regional Initiative Planning Team December 1996.

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