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The upper Kent catchment is very flat and low lying, hosting many small to large intermittent lakes and swamps and areas subject to inundation. There is also much internal drainage, concentrating on large lakes which must, in very wet years, overflow into the Kent.

The lakes include Big Poorarcup Lagoon, Orongerup Swamp, Nurdellup Lagoon, Tootanallup Lagoon, Nunijup Lake and Lake Katherine. Many of the lakes and swamps are contained within bushland or associated with large areas of remnant vegetation. Not withstanding the problems of salinisation and rising groundwaters generally, the wetland values are high.

Further Information:

South Coast Regional Land and Water Care Strategy: The Kent-Frankland Sub-Region. Prepared by: the South Coast Regional Assessment Panel and the South Coast Regional Initiative Planning Team: December 1996

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