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Jerdacuttup Lakes view

This is a broad area of shallow coastal drainage, east of the lower Jerdacuttup River. There are numerous small, permanent and intermittent lakes and swamps in the area, with some larger lakes and associated swampy areas that comprise an ancient coastal lagoon, now permanently separated from the ocean by high dunes.

The lakes receives intermittent flow from the Jerdacuttup River, and lie in a narrow band of remnant bush, four kilometres wide, along the coast, in a relatively natural state.

The larger of the two Jerdacuttup Lakes is in a Nature Reserve and is monitored for its contribution to waterbird conservation. It is semi-permanent and hypersaline, and has a broad area of wetland vegetation. The vegetation is very valuable as a waterbird habitat, supporting a large number of waterbirds, a moderate number of species and moderate breeding.

Further Information:

South Coast Regional Land and Water Care Strategy: The Fitzgerald-Biosphere Sub-region. Prepared by: the South Coast Regional Assessment Panel and the South Coast Regional Initiative Planning Team March 1997.

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