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Deep River
Constructing river crossings

Removing weeds

The Department of Water has a variety of (downloadable PDF) documents covering rivercare techniques. Some of the most relevant to the south coast are:

  Wetlands and weeds waternote
  Weeds in waterways
  Livestock management: watering points and pumps
  Livestock management: Fence location and grazing control
  Protecting riparian vegetation
  The management and replacement of large woody debris in waterways
  Floodproofing fencing for waterways

You can also check out the full list of "Water Notes" and "Water Facts", as well as information on riparian vegetation, restoring rivers and related topics.

Practical advice on minimising erosion due to flooding is embedded in the issues:erosion page.

A number of the activities documented on this site have suggestions for various rivercare techniques. Check out the "Rivercare activities by subject" index to find pages covering your area of interest.

The numbers, types and variety of animals living in rivers, streams and estuaries can provide an indication of the health of these waterways, and changes over time can indicate if water quality is improving or getting worse. We have a river fauna photo gallery and a river macroinvertebrate photo gallery which records many of the fish, crustaceans and the macroinvertebrates which occur in south coast waterways. You can use these pictures as a simple aid to identification, or get more information from some of the references provided.

To identify freshwater crayfish, have a look at the Department of Fisheries site. They also have information on identifying native freshwater fish.