Chairman's Message

Much has changed in the catchment since the last newsletter. The Kent/Denmark Recovery Team, formed in 1998 with the aim of achieving potable water in the catchments, has continued to oversee the investment of significant levels of government funding. After some six years of landholders and government working in partnership, it is timely for us to look at what has been achieved.

One positive to come out of the project is the considerable amount of on-ground work completed by most landholders in the catchment. Work supported through cost sharing includes drainage, fencing, perennials, revegetation and rehabilitation of saline land. In addition to the funding provided through the program it is also important to recognise the huge contribution made by the landholders who provide the initiative needed for these onground works.

The Salinity Situation Statement for the Denmark River has been completed, with work progressing on the Kent statement. The statements review the current situation and model the effect of work already undertaken and future works that may be needed to achieve the water supply targets. After consultation with landholders and stakeholders, a salinity recovery program will be finalised.

The Kent/ Denmark Recovery Catchment program has developed a partnership between government agencies and landholders. This has resulted in a "user friendly" program that allows funds to flow through to on-ground works in a timely and accountable way.

This financial year, more than $160,000 is once again available to implement salinity management works in the Upper Kent and Denmark Catchments.

Thanks must also go to all members of the Recovery Team. Without the positive contribution from landholders and representatives from the Department of Environment (formerly Water and Rivers Commission), Department of Agriculture, and CALM, the level of on-ground works would not have been possible.

Lyn Slade
Kent/Denmark Recovery Team